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Fatalities by occupancy and carer status

The majority of ire victims (53 out of 80) lived alone and were alone at the time of the incident.

Of the victims that cohabited, nine were alone at the time of the incident and only 15 had someone with them in the property at the time. Therefore, 

a total of 80% of ire victims were alone when the ire occurred.

In 45 of the 80 ire deaths, the victim did not have a carer, however, of the majority of victims who lived alone, 22 out of 54, had need of a carer. 

When the victim was over the age of 60, 34 out of 44 victims lived alone or were alone at the time of the incident.

Room of origin, 

cause and alcohol

Smokers’ materials are the main cause of 

fatalities resulting from ires in the living 

room and bedroom, with the careless use of 

heating appliances also a common cause in 

these rooms.

The influence of alcohol is greatest, where a 

death has occurred in the bedroom, where 

13 of the 24 ire deaths involved alcohol 


Within the kitchen, cooking and its associated 

activities is the most common cause, 

accounting for nine ire deaths.


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