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Case study 2

A man who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s died after 

receiving severe burns in a ire in his home in Liverpool.

The 76-year-old had been visited in 2008 by Merseyside Fire & Rescue 

Service (MF&RS) ireighters who had completed a Home Fire Safety 

Check. At the time he was deemed to be at low-risk of experiencing a 


But before a scheduled revisit by ireighters, the man unfortunately 

died when his jacket caught light while he turned on the gas hob at his 

home in January 2012.

He had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a year before this incident and 

as a result would have been known to some of our partners. Had the 

increased risk been understood and had his changing circumstances 

been shared with MF&RS through direct referral or a data-sharing 

protocol, we could have sent our Community Fire Prevention Advocates 

to reassess the risks in order to implement appropriate preventative 

measures to reduce the risk of ire and work with partner agencies to 

help ensure his safety.

This tragic incident highlights how people’s personal circumstances 

can change over a period of time and how information sharing could 

potentially save lives.

Photo by Chris Phillips.

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