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We also know that individuals within these target groups We cross many thresholds inaccessible to others and we 

are already accessing a number of support services and recognise the signiicance of this and our responsibility to 

we know that they are vulnerable to many types of harm 
signpost to other agencies in order to make a real difference.

and that ire is only one of these. The development of our 

“Vulnerable Person Index” helps us focus the work of our By not sharing data I believe we leave vulnerable people 

ire crews and specialist prevention staff on the people exposed to unnecessary risk and harm. We want to play our 

who need our assistance most.
part in our collective “Duty of Care” and to do that we need 

to share information.

But the success of our Vulnerable Person Index is entirely 

dependent on other organisations being willing to share If you think you can help make your clients safer by 

information to protect the vulnerable people who use their sharing information, please contact informationsharing@ 

services. We understand that sharing personal information

sometimes causes concern and that there is a balancing 

act between data protection and data sharing, but time and When reading this report please consider whether your 

again there have been examples of failure to keep a vulnerable organisation can provide the type of information we need to 

person safe, where opportunities to share information and prevent more people dying in ires.

intervene have been missed.

Together we are better.

We have built up strong partnerships with some key 

organisations but we believe there is still more that can Phil Garrigan,

be done. We have extensive experience and expertise in Deputy Chief Fire Oficer.

managing and sharing sensitive information safely and 


By sharing this data and knowledge there is a real chance 

that the next door that we knock on will save a life.


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