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This report examines the causes of ire deaths in Merseyside 

and identiies those people most at risk. The period covered 

is from 2004/5 to 2013/14.

We know that of the 80 fatalities that occurred during that 


• 53 people lived alone.

• 44 were aged over 60.

• In 35 deaths the consumption of alcohol was a factor.

• 43 fatalities involved smokers’ materials.

Living alone, being elderly, consuming alcohol and smoking are key 

factors in the majority of Accidental Dwelling Fire deaths.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority has a duty to protect the public, 

especially reducing the risk of ire death and injury to people within their 

own homes. Partners sharing information with us is key to identifying 

those at greatest need, so we can effectively target our resources.

4 Photo by Chris Phillips.

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