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Fatalities by month and day

There is a strong link between the time of year and accidental ire fatalities in homes, with January and December having 

particularly high numbers of deaths.

Fatalities are also high in spring (April and May) before dropping back until December. The most common days for accidental dwelling ires to occur 

are Monday and Saturday.

Fatalities in Accidental Dwelling Fires between Fatalities in Accidental Dwelling Fires between 

2004/05 and 2013/14 by Month
2004/05 and 2013/14 by Day

This chart identiies that there is a strong link between fatalities in The chart above provides an analysis of fatalities in accidental 

accidental dwelling ires and seasonality, with the winter months of dwelling ires by day of week. The chart identiies two peaks, with 16 

December and January in particular seeing high fatality numbers. A deaths occurring on Mondays and 13 deaths on Saturdays. Fatalities 

secondary seasonal fluctuation occurs during the spring, particularly occurring over the weekend period (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) can 

during April and May, before dropping back again until December.
be explained to an extent by behaviours associated with alcohol and 

its unintended side effects including intoxication and unsafe cooking 


Please note: an additional piece of analysis was conducted into accidental dwelling ires by month between 2009/10 
and 2013/14. By ranking the average number of accidental dwelling ires there was little of note within its indings. For Please note that of “late ire calls”, i.e. incidents MF&RS attend after the initial ire took place, 

information: April was the month to have the 4th highest count of accidental dwelling ires with May being 8th.
only one incident took place on a Monday.

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