Blitz Chronology


21 Jan
1st  large use of AFS at a fire on board the MV DIOMEDES Gladstone Dock, Bootle, 6 AFS P  with LFB SAV & CFO Owens also at ship owners request.

8/9 Aug
First bombs dropped on Merseyside at Prenton, Wirral.

Brunswick Dock, 1940.
Brunswick Dock, 1940.

17/18 Aug

17/18 Aug
First bombs on Liverpool Brunswick, N Coburg & S Queens docks, LOR, LMS Caryl St LMS Goods Stn
Grain silo

19/20 Aug
First incendiaries fell on Eaton Rd, Robert Davies Nursing Home

28/29 Aug
Mossley Hill Parish Church seriously damaged
Kingsmead Dv & St Annes Rd, Aigburth hit

29/30 Aug
Damage across the City apart from the Centre

31 Aug / 01 Sep
Custom House set on fire and Fm machine gunned
Surface shelter on Cleveland St hit
2 Cotton warehouse on Vandries St & Stone St badly damaged

03/04 Sep
Lark La & Ullet Rd areas
Aigburth Vale High School incendiaries
Lodge La Ropeworks incendiaries
Pollards garage, scent works incendiaries

04/05 Sep
Edge Hill Goods station
Lister Dv Power station and surrounding properties
Dunlop rubber works
Tunnel Rd Cinema
Palace Ice Rink
Several churches & schools

05/06 Sep
First use of Flammenbomb [oil bombs] on Liverpool
Claudia St, Walton
Washington St
St James Rd
Liverpool Cathedral - windows broken
Norfolk St

06/07 Sep
Liver Grease Oil & Chemical Co. Norfolk St gutted
Milners Safe Works Smithdown La - 14 ambulances damaged
Liverpool Cathedral
Children’s Convalescent Home

10/11 Sep
West Derby
Speke Rd

11/12 Sep
Belle Vale Rd - oil bombs & HE

12/13 Sep
SW Langton dock
Wellington Rd - two houses demolished
Carnatic Rd - house seriously damaged

14 Sep
Gladstone & Alexandra Docks hit by 1 aircraft with HE & incendiaries

15/16 Sep
Norris Green
Speke Airport fields
Palace Ice Rink
Prescot Rd
Huntley Rd - house demolished
3 RAF killed by delayed action bomb
Carlton Cinema, Moss La incendiaries
1 AFS Fm killed at 95 Gt Homer St on 16th

17 Sep
Rootes Factory - daylight raid
Speke houses daylight
Lockerby Rd church
PC killed Currie St
8 AFS firemen killed direct hit on Green La AFS station

City Museum William Brown Street, 1941.
City Museum William Brown Street, 1941.

18/19 Sep
Walton Goal 22 killed
St Michael’s station
Brownlow St
Fazakerley Nurses Home
Southwood Rd

19/20 Sep
West Derby - Hilary Rd, Rossmore Gdns

21/22 Sep
T J Hughes store, London Rd
Mersey Underground Railway tube penetrated
Rimrose Rd timber Yard
Alexandra Dock warehouse
Byng St warehouse

23/24 Sep
Minor raids in the north of the City
Walton Park Chapel
Robson St church & houses

24/25 Sep
Glegg St Cotton warehouse
Stanley Dock tobacco warehouse
Silcock’s Cattle Food Mill
Love La
Gt Howard St
Church St
Parker St
Clayton Sq

26/27 Sep Thur / Fri
1st Large raid on Liverpool 
Wapping Dock - GM awarded                       ]
Dukes Dock -                                              ] 15 cotton warehouses lost
Kings & Queens Dock                                  ]
Brunswick Dock-fires out of control
Coburg Grain silos saved
Cunard Building
Custom House
MD&HB Building
Brunswick St
Admiralty Store Canning Pl
Highlighted the shortage of and unsuitability (too old) of some fire watchers
Regional Re-enforcement scheme first activated, 221 people killed
LPFB who had gone via the tunnel to assist Birkenhead were withdrawn

27/28 Sep
Gt Homer St houses
Banks Rd School Garston

The Durning Road tragedy
The Durning Road tragedy

29/30 Sep
A total of 55 fires requiring 34 LFB & 4 Bootle P, 2 TL & 10 other P [50 in all]
Everton houses
Aigburth houses
Aigburth Free Church gutted
Dukes Dock Warehouse oil cake, grain and flax
1 AFS Fm killed on 30th by a falling wall at Dukes Dock

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