Wallasey Fire Brigade History

Wallasey, 1898.
Wallasey, 1898.
1898 Apr 01- Wallasey UDC took over the Liscard Volunteer Brigade with its 3 stations, 3 Reel Carts, 3 escapes, manual engine and hose carriage.  

The Brigade now became whole time / retained under Supt John Howarth.  The Seacombe sub-station in Platt St was under Sgt ‘Captain’ Maguire and the New Brighton station in the Victoria Hall under Sgt Dodd.

Apr 01 - Aux Fm Jim Shone was killed in a fall attending a fire at New Brighton Tower; the manual engine was reputedly last used at this fire.

Napier Steam Engine.
Napier Steam Engine.
Dec - A Merryweather Gem steam fire engine with a capacity of 360gpm was delivered, later named ‘Napier’

1900 - A Mr Bradford donated money towards the cost of a Merryweather Chemical engine with a 60g tank. It was later named ‘Bradford’ in his honour.

1901 - 3 w/t (Supt Howarth, Eng, Fm Thos Williams) + 25 Aux - (Capt, 3 Sgt, 21 Fm) plus the Hon Capt Dr T W A Napier MD JP
Liscard                       3 w/t + Capt, 6 Aux
Seacombe                 Aux Sgt William Clark, 5 Aux
Wallasey Village      Aux Sgt Abraham Halewood, 5 Aux                   
New Brighton           Aux Sgt Joseph Dodd, 5 Aux

1902 Jan 17- Supt John Howarth D aged 58
Apr 01 - Edmund Brown was appointed Supt

1903 July - Supt Brown resigned having been appointed CO of the Glasgow Salvage Corps.
Sep 19 - James Byne was appointed Supt ex London fire brigade

1905 - The New Brighton station in the UDC’s yard on Egerton St was closed; the escape remained on Albion St to be operated by the Police when required

1906 - The brigade purchased its first 2 horses; previously they had rented them from Gibbons livery stables, sited opposite Liscard FS, the horses were still stabled there. A 3rd was acquired for the ambulance

1909 - A 60’ Merryweather escape was purchased

1910 - Liscard, Wallasey Village & Poulton cum Seacombe townships until now administered as a UDC now became the Borough of Wallasey

1912 - 10 full time and + 8 Auxiliary firemen allocated as:
Liscard           9
Seacombe     1 + 4
Wallasey        0+ 4

1913 Apr 01 - Wallasey became a County Borough

May - Responsibility for the brigade now passed to the Police, with Chief Constable Barry appointed as Director. The Supt became an Inspector.

Establishment increased to 14, with 1 day off in 7

Dec - An advertisement was placed for a motor driver

1914 Jan - A Dennis N type motor engine was delivered

Aug 13 - 2 additional Police Aux Fm were allowed on the establishment

Wallasey, Manor Road, 1915.
Wallasey, Manor Road, 1915.
1915 Oct 23 Sat - The official opening of the new fire station on Manor Rd, having cost £5,517-.

1918 May 16 - Insp Byne died.
Aug - Sgt Nicholson was appointed the Brigade’s Inspector, in day to day control.

1923c - Establishment 14 personnel under Insp William Nicholson.

1923 - Sgt Thomas Wilkinson was appointed from the Sheffield PFB, replacing Atkinson who retired.

1928 - Sgt Wilkinson Died.

1940 - Establishment 14 personnel there may have been 1 extra on strength
Insp Nicholson - Supt                                                                    
Sgt Joe Holt                                                                                     
PC John Beech
PC Harold Cash                                                                              
PC Henry Dolan                                                                             
PC Frank Fradley
PC Robert Francis Herron Dvr                            
PC Robert Jones                                                                            
PC Leonard Marsden                                                                     
PC John ‘Gunner’ Marshall                                                                      
PC Walter Meacock                                                
PC Walter Peach
PC James Warner                                                                          
PC Richard Webster                                                                      
PC Herbert Winstanley                                                                  

Dennis F43 Pump.
Dennis F43 Pump.
1941 Aug 18 - The NFS was formed, Wallasey became part of FF26

1948 Apr 01 - Wallasey County Borough fire brigade was formed under the 1947 FB Act.
Establishment 64

1964 - New Administrative Offices; sited next door to the fire station were opened, they had cost £19,000.

1968 - The establishment was now 79 [69 + 10 Control Room]

Wallasey Station, 1974.
Wallasey Station, 1974.
1974 - The establishment was now 80 personnel
Mar 27 - A new fire station and HQ on Mill La was opened by Alderman Walter Jones Chairman of the FS Committee.
Apr 01 - Wallasey became part of Merseyside County FB as station West 6.

1 When the station was demolished the bell was mounted at the Central Park and was rung as the ‘park closing’ signal into the 1960’s

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