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Employee Benefits

Benefits of Working for an Excellent Employer...
Mersyside Fire and Rescue Service

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service is committed to the providing the possible working environment for our employees and we have introduced a range of wider benefits for employees to enjoy so that they work can be a enjoyable experience.

The following benefits are available...

Childcare Vouchers

The Service offers the facility for employees to exchange part of their wages for childcare vouchers, which allows significant savings on tax and national insurance.

ICAS (Employee Assistance Programme)

Provides employees with 24hrs a day/7 days a week advice and counselling service in such areas as financial services, family and personal problems, work issues, drink and drug related problems, childcare and other family issues and consumer rights.

There are a range of services available to employees through the Occupational Health section to assist them maintain or achieve health and wellness, these are as follows:

Health Advice Clinic appointments

These appointments are available to all staff on request for an assessment of blood pressure, cholesterol, eyesight, hearing, or their fitness.

Specialist Nurse Advisors Health Assessments

The Service will facilitate an early intervention and the provision of assessments and support from Specialist Nurse Advisors for employees who may be experiencing difficulties due to stress, anxiety, depression, or a similar mental health problem.

Counselling Services

Employees experiencing difficulties due to stress, anxiety, depression, or a similar mental health problem may be referred to the Service Counsellor via Occupational Health Services or the Specialist Nurse Advisors.

Physiotherapy Services

The Service shall make available to employees as an early intervention the provision of physiotherapy treatment, supplied by six practices geographically spread throughout the county area.

Early Intervention Diagnostic Assessment and Intervention

Where employees are experiencing undue delay in accessing NHS referrals for diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or MRI scans or for consultant specialist referrals Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service shall provide for an early intervention to Fairfield Independent Hospital, the preferred provider under this procedure.

Medical Financial Assistance

Similarly where employees are experiencing undue delay in the provision of treatment and/or surgery under the auspices of NHS then the Service shall provide a loan of up to �5,000 as medical financial assistance to facilitate access to appropriate treatment services.

Total Fitness Rehabilitation Exercise Referrals

In partnership with Total Fitness the Service's Occupational Health section may refer employees for a rehabilitative exercise referral programme at a Total Fitness Exercise, Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre.

Service employees can, also join Total Fitness at a preferential emergency services rates.

Massage Rehabilitation Clinic

Employees may be referred for massage therapy, at the Training and Development Academy, to assist them in their rehabilitation to return to their usual role.

Active Sefton

Service employees can benefit from a corporate rate membership of Active Sefton. This enables the member to use the facilities at Bootie Leisure Centre, Dunes Leisure Centre Southport and other facilities in the Sefton Council area.

Smoking Cessation Support

The Service may through its Occupational Health Advisor and organisations such as the Roy Castle Foundation Fags Ends support employees with smoking cessation initiatives.

In addition to the above services Occupational Health Services shall promote health and wellness through specific health initiatives, such as the campaign for the provision of influenza inoculations, and the publication of Occupational Health Bulletins. OH Services shall support the development of support services for employees who may require health assistance through service providers such the Benenden Healthcare Society.

Absence and Attendance Policy

The Service has implemented an Absence and Attendance Policy that will include incentives (in the form of cash and other prizes) for staff who have excellent attendance at work.  
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