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Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Website Accessibility Policy

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service’s aim is to make its external website and its internal intranet accessible to all users. We will follow best practice standards and guidelines to ensure that our sites are accessible.

Disabled Users

MF&RS aims to develop our website to meet the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative’s 'Double-A' standard This standard aims to improve the web experience for users with a range of accessibility issues and will remove significant barriers to accessing Web documents for these groups. In general this level of accessibility ensures that:
  • Movement or flickering/blinking content is eliminated. Scrolling news tickers and animating text content are difficult for screen readers to interpret. Rapidly blinking content should be avoided as it poses a risk to users with epilepsy.
  • Web page structure conforms to the latest W3C standards using style sheets, document type definitions and appropriate labelling for elements to assist in the intelligibility of web documents
  • Descriptive information is provided on site layout, links, and frames (if used)
  • Scripts and applets are input device-independent
  • No use of frames throughout the entire website
  • Use of alternative text descriptions (ALT text) to describe the content of images
  • Text only and change contrast areas of the website to provide an alternative non-graphical way of finding your way around the site. To be achieved through the use of CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets)
  • we will maintain a standard layout to help the user find their way around the site and use plain backgrounds to improve the readability of text
  • All hyperlinks used will be descriptive.
  • It will be possible to alter text size and background colours
  • All video clips will be subtitled

In addition we will provide short video clips on line featuring information delivered by British Sign Language

Multilingual Users

For users whose first language is not English we will include an option to obtain information from our website in alternative languages. Our Home page will include information about this option with a telephone contact to obtain the required information in hard copy or spoken translation.

Our Home page will state:

This is Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Home page – If you require any information in an alternative language, please contact us on 0151 296 4000

This will be printed in English and the 5 main alternative languages spoken on Merseyside: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French and Somali.

As an alternative option we will also signpost users to translation software sites.

Older Users

MF&RS recognises that as people get older they may not have access to the latest, highest specification, computer hardware or software. In addition they may have difficulties accessing the internet because of a range of age related disabilities. In particular, we will ensure easy access for:
  • People with a sensory impairment, which includes: Visual impairments and Hearing impairments
  • People with motor impairments, e.g. arthritis, which makes it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard
  • People with a learning disability who may find lengthy or complicated sites difficult to use
  • People without access

Younger Users

MF&RS provide a range of opportunities for children and young people. We will have a dedicated area on our website for our Youth Engagement activities.


We will ensure that all links accessed from our website comply with the W3C accessibility standards, or IRCA (The Internet Content Rating Association) web standards.

IRCA is an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet.

Accessibility will be monitored by invited responses on a form on the website and via consultation with users, including through our Community Forum.

As part of our on-going commitment to achieving full website accessibility for all our site visitors. The MF&RS recommend the use of the latest web browsing software to enhance your user experience.

For your convenience we have highlighted some of the most popular, accessible friendly, free downloadable web browsers.

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