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District Prevention Manager Jen Taylor and on the far left Station Manager Mark Thomas, and second in from the left is Station Manager Richie Clarke. They are standing with another member of the Sefton Prevention Team and a tipper truck with some of the combustible materials cleared from the streets to help prevent dangerous street bonfires. Photo supplied by Jen Taylor.
Bonfire and firework safety messages were also this year backed by Everton player Ross Barkley. Free fireworks events were also supported by our Service and staff in Knowsley and Wirral, as well as other areas.
A huge campaign, which saw volunteers from the charity Fire Support Network (FSN) working with our Service staff saw more than 70 tonnes of combustible materials cleared from Merseyside’s streets. The combustibles could have been used as fuel for dangerous street bonfires and anti-social behaviour. Cage soccer sessions were also staged by FSN across Merseyside as part of positive activities.
This year, between the morning of October 19 and just before midnight on November 7 there were 308 deliberate secondary fires attended by Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service. Between the morning of October 19 and just before midnight on November 7 last year there were 213, an all-time record low, and in 2012 there were 427 fires attended.
In Sefton an estimated 24 tonnes of combustible materials, along with more than ten tonnes in St Helens and 30 tonnes in Wirral were removed. In Knowsley 10.14 tonnes was removed from more than 60 sites by the Knowsley Prevention team and FSN. More than 600 homes received leaflets or visits by Knowsley fire crews regarding wheelie bins, firework and bonfire safety.
During the run-up to Bonfire Night this year, organisations in Merseyside were urged to take part in an initiative where streets are adopted in a new drive to make communities safer from fire.
The Adopt a Street initiative sees people in areas across Merseyside helping to spread safety messages amongst the street they have adopted, encouraging people to put wheelie bins away as soon as they have been emptied and other fire safety messages. Partner agencies interested in Adopting a Street in Merseyside can contact Sarah Wyatt on 0151 296 6284.
Watch Manager Ian Mullen, Arson Reduction Co-ordinator
at our Service, said: “Following a number of years of reducing the number of fires from anti-social behaviour, there has been a slight increase in fires caused by anti- social behaviour attended by firefighters in Merseyside during Bonfire Night and the run-up to it. The overall slight increase also follows a record low last year in calls that firefighters attended and we have worked hard throughout the year and during the run-up to Bonfire Night to help to keep communities safe and to clear tonnes of combustible materials that could have been used for dangerous street bonfires.
“There were more people out on the streets of Merseyside this year which may have contributed to more fires from anti-social behaviour, but we will continue our work to reduce these fires during the winter months and throughout the next year.”
One of the Service’s event nights at the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub.
Watch Manager Eddie Parry with one of the dancing entertainers at the event in the Spaceport car park. Photo supplied by Eddie Parry.

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