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Highlighting Road Safety To Young Footballers
Everton’s Under-21 squad learned about the importance of road safety when firefighters paid them a visit at Finch Farm.
Our Service’s Road Safety Team were invited to speak to the young players about keeping safe on the city’s roads as part of a region-wide initiative to educate drivers under the age of 21.
The “Drive to Arrive” road safety package looks at the dangers of speeding, using mobile phones, driving under the influence and not wearing seatbelts.
As well as discussing how to keep safe, the young players were shown a mangled car wreck to demonstrate
the impact crashes can have on vehicles.
Watch Manager John Cousins, who leads the road safety team at MF&RS and was at the awareness-raising visit, said: “We rescue more people following collisions on Merseyside’s roads than we do from fires started by accident in homes so helping to make roads safer is a key focus for our Service. The under 21 age group are disproportionately represented in road traffic collision
statistics – they hold only 12% of UK driving licenses, however they are involved in 25% of all collisions.”
Under 21 Head Coach David Unsworth said:
“It has been great to have members of the Road Safety Team down to Finch Farm to speak to our Under-21s. They gave them a real understanding of how dangerous driving
can be, whether it is a lack of concentration on their part or someone else in another vehicle.
“It’s incredibly important not just for young people but for anyone driving to be educated on the impact their driving could have on the safety of those in the car and other road
The visit was the first of a number of planned engagement activities with Everton Football Club to highlight road safety.
The young footballers take in the key safety points during the visit. Photos supplied by Everton FC.

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