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Recruits have started their training to become firefighters with our Service to help the future of our Service.
A group of 16 new recruit firefighters have joined the Service and have now started their training.
The group secured their posts following a Positive Action recruitment campaign by our Service.
Watch Manager Lauren McCormack and Watch Manager Peter Hindley have been training the recruits and putting them through their paces.
Watch Manager McCormack said: “It is a great privilege to be in the position of training the first recruit course we have ran in four years. The recruit firefighters we are working with have so far demonstrated an excellent attitude and enthusiasm to both the physical elements of the service but also to the mission and values of the organisation and they fully embrace the core of the organisation and what we are about.
“They are currently learning the basics skill set and gaining a full understanding of how hard the role of a firefighter is. We envisage this group of 16 recruits to progress and integrate well within the organisation and contribute, alongside the existing experience operational and support staff, to continue the success and excellent service we currently provide to the residents of Merseyside during the difficult financial position.”
Among the new recruit firefighters are 26-year-old Alex Crowe and 30-year-old Kimberley Antoine, who explained why they joined the Service.
Alex said: “I always wanted a career that was challenging and enabled me to work in the and for the community. I am really enjoying working with a team and learning new experiences.
“Every day is different and we are faced with different situations and activities that test me both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to using the skills and knowledge I am learning and developing to help engage with the community and to hopefully save lives.”
Kimberley said: “I wanted to do this role as I want to make a difference to the community of Merseyside and work to the Service values which I relate to and embrace personally.
“I am enjoying learning new vocational skills and can’t wait to put them to use. I hope that with my experience from previous jobs I can bring different skills and experience and also use them to help develop colleagues. As a group we are all thoroughly looking forward to engaging with the diverse communities of Merseyside and making a positive difference.”
The recruits will complete a 23-week training programme before gaining further experience at various station locations across Merseyside.
The Positive Action campaign saw a focus on contacting and highlighting the role of a firefighter to under-represented groups in our Service, including women. A project team, which created bespoke “Pop-Up” stands and information leaflets, visited various community groups and events such as Africa Oye, Liverpool Pride and the Race for Life events. People from under-represented groups were also invited to meet MF&RS staff ahead of recruitment and learn about the fitness requirements and the selection process. Information about the fitness tests and what Positive Action is and means can also be found on our Service website
Photos: Lyndsay Young.

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