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Age Safely
"Working with elderly people is a key part of our service delivery and we will continue to deliver high quality Home Fire Safety Checks to the over 65’s in Merseyside, to help them stay safe in their homes.
"I would also encourage people to check regularly on the welfare of their neighbours, especially those who may be elderly or vulnerable and ensure that they have working smoke detectors on each floor of the property.”
An event was held at Southport's new Salvation Army building in Shakespeare Street on October 1 and firefighters from Southport Community Fire Station attended and gave safety advice to more than 100 people including many over 60-years- old.
Members of the Wirral fire Prevention team attended an Older People’s Day event on October 1 at the Hoylake Parade Community Centre. A stall was set up offering home safety advice. A total of 70 people were engaged with and nine HFSC referrals were received.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan said:“During the week, we have been targeting as many older people as possible in a variety of ways, including visiting homes, holding talks at sheltered accommodation and attending community events.
“Elderly people can be particularly vulnerable to fire, especially in the winter if unsafe heating methods are used. They may also be more likely to experience a kitchen fire as a result of food being left unattended because of fatigue. If the action during the week can help prevent a fire fatality, this will have been a very worthwhile campaign.”
For free fire safety advice visit or call 0800 731 5958.
Photos: Tony Thomas, Lyndsay Young and Karl Mansfield.

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