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Firefighters carrying out a road traffic collision rescue during a training exercise on the new Thornton Bypass as part of Road Safety Week.
Photo supplied by Mark Jones.
More than 60 young people were injured and needed hospital treatment following crashes in Merseyside, new figures released to mark CFOA Road Safety Week revealed.
During the week our Service has been highlighting the dangers of distractions, which were the key theme for the Chief Fire Officers Association's (CFOA) Road Safety Week, which took place from June 8 to June 14.
Firefighters from our Service staged a car rescue demonstration on the morning of June 8 at a supermarket car park in Southport as part of the week. Two fire appliances from Southport Community Fire Station were at the location and around 30 people watched the demonstration.
Our Service’s crash car trailer, which has a damaged car on display to drive home the impact collisions can have, was also on display. During the demonstration, firefighters removed a car roof to show the equipment they use to rescue people.
Crew Manager Steve McManus, who is part of White Watch at Southport Community Fire Station and organised the event, said: “The event was a success and there was a good turnout. We were able to give plenty of advice on road safety to the public.”
Firefighter Kirsty Hornby planned a road safety event at Cowley International School in St Helens, which she works with throughout the year.
Station Manager Phil Byrne said: “With exams taking place, it is difficult to engage with the young people. However,
holding the demonstration over the lunch period was perfect as it gave us the opportunity to deliver key messages to pupils from the whole school.
“Firefighters from Eccleston and Newton-le-Willows gave the demonstration which involved a car rescue with the roofs being removed from two ‘crashed’ cars with the scenario based on an accident caused by someone using a mobile phone.”
Monday, June 8 also saw a road rescue exercise on the new Thornton Bypass, which is being constructed between Switch Island and Thornton. It involved firefighters from Aintree and Crosby community fire stations. The exercise was arranged by White Watch at Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station.
Schoolchildren were also invited to the Training and Development Academy for the day, where they were shown a play on road safety.
New figures showed that 980 people were injured and required hospital treatment following crashes on Merseyside’s roads attended by firefighters between January 1, 2013, and May 31, 2015. Of those 980 people, 11 were 17-years-old and 53 were 16-years-old and under.
A total of 316 people were injured in crashes attended by firefighters in Liverpool and needed hospital treatment since January 1, 2013, including eight 17-year-olds and 15 who were 16-years-old and younger.
Between January 1, 2013, and May 31, 2015, 244 people were rescued by firefighters following a crash on a Merseyside
road, including 93 people rescued in
Liverpool, while 114 were rescued in
Merseyside from a house fire caused by
accident during the same period,
including 45 in Liverpool.
Stay Safe On ROadS
Road traffic collision rescue demonstration in Southport during Road Safety Week. Photo supplied by Mark Jones.
A road safety play held at the Training and Development Academy. Photo supplied by John Cousins.

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