Building fire, Southport


Location: Blowick Moss Lane, Southport

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is currently in attendance at a building fire on Blowick Moss Lane, Southport.

Crews were alerted at 09.01am on Tuesday 28th September and on scene at 09.08am. Four fire engines are in attendance as well as the combined platform ladder appliance.

This is a fire involving an external gas main that has spread to three houses under construction. House 1 is a three storey town house approx. 10m x10m.
Fire is believed to be in the cavity involving all floors.

Properties 2 and 3 are two storey houses both approx. 10m x 10m.

Significant heat damage to facias and gutter.

UPDATE 9.44am
Fire is now believed to have spread to roof space of three storey town house. Crews continue to provide boundary protection.

UPDATE 10.25
Utilities company is in attendance and tactical plan has been established - isolate gas main and cap gas from a safe location.

Following confirmation of gas isolation, crews will commence firefighting activities in breathing apparatus.

Incident has now been sectorised.

Sector 1 – 2 main branches and 1 high pressure hose reel in use for external firefighting.
Sector 3 – 1 main branch and 1 main covering branch for external firefighting.

North West Ambulance Service are also on scene treating two casualties with minor injuries.

This is an ongoing incident, more to follow.

UPDATE 11.10
Gas main has now been isolated.

Sector 3 - no longer in use.
Sector 1 – breathing apparatus is now in use, team of four firefighters in breathing apparatus have entered property one, a three storey town house, with a high pressure hose reel and high pressure misting lance – this is to check and evaluate the property.

A second BA team has entered property two also with a high pressure hose reel and high pressure misting lance.

UPDATE 12.00
BA operations have ceased and crews are checking for fire spread.
Two casualties have been checked and cleared by NWAS. Both have been conveyed to hospital in the same ambulance.
All firefighting activities have now ceased and equipment being made up.

Handover completed with site manager. Crews left the scene at 12.21pm.