Dog rescue, Ainsdale


Location: Grafton Drive, Ainsdale

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called to Grafton Drive, Ainsdale, on Tuesday 13th April following reports of an animal in distress.

Crews were alerted at 3.06pm and on scene at 3.15pm. One fire engine attended and the search and rescue team.

On arrival, crews found a 13-week-old French bulldog puppy that was stuck to a garden hook stuck by its mouth

Crews supported the dog, Mabel, while waiting for vets to arrive.
Station Manager Ronnie Duffy said: “The crews did really well supporting the dog while we were waiting for vets to arrive with a sedative.
“Mabel had been in the garden and got stuck to a small hook used for growing tomato plants near a wall. She was trapped tight to the wall by her lower jaw and every time she moved she made a yelp.
“The owners were really upset to see the dog in such distress – and it was hard for the crew members too as we are all dog lovers ourselves.
“When the vets arrived, they sedated her – they were great – and once she was out cold, she could be removed.
“Afterwards, we used a Smokey Paws mask to administer oxygen therapy to the dog.”
Mabel sustained a jaw injury and was further assessed and treated by vets Parker and Crowther.
Crews left the scene at 4.40pm.