Fire at disused residential home


Location: Liverpool L14

Fire crews have been called to a fire at a disused residential home on East Prescot Road, Liverpool 14. 

Crews were alerted at 6.22pm and on scene at 6.25pm. 

4 fire engines and an aerial appliance are in attendance. 

Firefighters arrived to find a wooden shed fire had spread to a single storey building and then to a two storey annexe. The roof space of the building was involved in the fire. Firefighters fought the fire externally with hose reel jets and main jets before committing 4 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus to fight the fire internally. After these firefighters were withdrawn, the fire was fought externally with main jets and high pressure hose reels.

The combined platform ladder is fighting the fire in the roof space externally and firefighters are checking for fire spread. 

The incident is ongoing.