Gas leak, Stanley Road, Bootle


Location: Stanley Road, Bootle

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is in attendance at an incident on Stanley Road, Bootle this afternoon.

Crews were alerted at 12.50pm and on scene shortly after. Four fire engines attended. 

On arrival, MFRS crews found a seven storey office building with a failed gas main. Merseyside Police put a 50 metre cordon around the building and evacuated the surrounding area.

Cadent engineers worked to access the damaged pipe to cap it. Multi-agency meetings between MFRS, Merseyside Police, Cadent and Sefton Council took place throughout the duration of the incident.

Shortly after 2pm, all the building’s utilities were confirmed to be isolated and Merseyside Police continued to maintain cordons.

At approximately 3.50pm, the gas was isolated to the building.

At 4.42pm, Cadent engineers have completed first sweep of the building, due to size and complexity, which showed zero readings.

A second sweep of the building will begin shortly. Once safe, the building will be handed over to the responsible person.  


A full check of the building took place and the building has been deemed safe by Cadent. 


MFRS crews left the scene at 5.34pm.