Hook released from dog's mouth


Location: Reginald Road, St Helens

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called to Reginald Road, St Helens, on Monday 15th February following reports of an animal in distress.

Crews were alerted at 2.27pm and on scene at 2.33pm. One fire engine attended.

On arrival crews found a 10 week old puppy that had a coat hook stuck in its mouth

Watch Manager Neil Mooney said: "Crews from St Helens attended to Milo, a 10 week old Pomeranian Pug cross puppy, which got into mischief after chewing on a coat hook, which caused it to become impaled on his lower jaw and teeth.

"Firefighters used tin snips, to cut the hook free from the board and removed it from his mouth. Milo was assessed for injuries but was unharmed, if not a bit distressed. The owner was advised to take Milo to a local vet to be assessed further."

Crews left the scene at 2.55pm.