Industrial Building Fire, Kirkdale


Location: Kirkdale, Liverpool

Crews have been called to a large warehouse fire at Birchall Street, L20 this evening. Crews were alerted at 6.31pm and on scene at 6.33pm.

Crews arrived to find an industrial building around 60 metres by 40 metres well alight. 

There are now nine fire engines, an aerial appliance and a high volume pump in attendance. 

Firefighters are beginning to fight the fire, residents and businesses nearby should keep doors and windows closed. 

If you have an existing medical condition keep medicines close, if you feel any ill effects dial NHS 111 for advice.

The incident is ongoing, please avoid the area.


Firefighters are using compressed air foam to supress and contol the fire while preventing it spreading. Two main branch hoses are in use and two further branches are using foam to tackle the fire. The roof of the building is now also involved in fire. The gas supply has been cut off to the building.

The indcident is ongoing and likely to continue for some time, please continue to avoid the area.


The main body of fire has now been extinguished and effective firefighting tactics have prevented the spread of fire to further areas. The incident is being scaled down and damping down is now in progress.