Large fire in Formby Pinewoods


Location: Vicinity of Pinfold Lane, Fisherman's path, Formby

Fire Crews have been called to a large fire in Formby Pinewoods this afternoon.

Crews were on scene at 2.43pm after locating the fire with the assistance of staff from Natural England.

The site is difficult to access owing to the landscape and Natural England are assisting in transporting firefighters to the site of the incident in a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

4 fire engines are in attendance. The incident is ongoing.

UPDATE: 5.00pm

Crews are fighting smouldering fires across an area 150m x 150m.

Firefighters are using pac liders (water tanks on their backs with pump action hoses), beaters and spades to extinguish the fire, which has been divided into sectors.

UPDATE: Thursday, 28th May, 9.30am

Fire fighting continued on Wednesday night until 9.45pm with fire breaks put in place to stop the fire progressing overnight.

The fire continues to smoke with firefighters due to return at 10am to assess the incident and resume activities.

The incident is ongoing.


Hot spotting and damping down operations have been carried out throughout the morning. Firefighters have now left the scene, with the last fire engine leaving at 1.19pm.