Recycling plant fire, St Helens


Location: Cornwall Street, St Helens

Fire crews have been called to a large fire at an electrical recycling plant on Cornwall St. in St Helens.

5 fire engines are in attendance. Crews were on scene at 21.12 this evening and arrived to find a building approximately 100 x 50 metres in area well alight. Firefighters are tackling the fire with main branch hoses and foam. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus have entered the building and ascended stairs to fight fire on the upper floor with a main branch hose, a high pressure hose reel is also in use.

The building has been evacuated. There is significant smoke in the area- residents and businesses nearby should keep windows and doors closed.

Anyone with existing health conditions should keep medicines nearby and if any ill effects are experienced call NHS 111.


The incident has been sectorised, with 2 main jets and a hose reel jet in use. The fire has been suppressed and is now confined to a smaller area.
The incident is ongoing.