Integrated Risk Management Plan 2021-24 consultation

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority is now consulting on its Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan. All Fire and Rescue Authorities are required to produce a medium term plan that sets out the ways in which they will identify and deal with local risks and challenges.  We published our current two year IRMP Supplement in July 2019.

This IRMP 2021-24 meets the Authority’s legal responsibility, but more importantly, outlines how we plan to use our resources to respond to emergencies, improve our services and reduce the risks facing our communities.

Our IRMP 2021-24 is produced against a backdrop of continued financial uncertainty for fire and rescue services following financial challenges extending back to 2004. That said, our Draft IRMP sets out how we propose to build on our 2019-21 IRMP Supplement and continue to put resources back into our frontline services to improve outcomes for our communities and deliver against our Mission:

Safer, stronger communities -

Safe, effective firefighters

When developing our Draft IRMP we have considered the impact of the risks in Merseyside, the demand for our emergency services and the vulnerability of the people and places that make up our communities. We hope that the information we provide will explain why our proposals are important to us and how they will help us improve outcomes for Merseyside.

Full details of how we propose to deal with Risk, Demand and Vulnerability and our IRMP proposals are available on our website. View the Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan 2021-2024 here.

We welcome comments about our consultation from anyone who has an interest in our Integrated Risk Management Plan and the services we provide.

You can take part in the consultation through our online survey, by email to, or by letter to Jackie Sutton, IRMP Officer, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services Headquarters, Bridle Road, Bootle L34YD. We look forward to reading your comments.

Consultation closes on 24th May 2021 and a report on the final version of the IRMP (including the feedback received) will be considered by the Fire and Rescue Authority in July 2021.