Fire at motorcycle garage, Birkenhead


Location: Oxton Road, Birkenhead

Firefighters are currently in attendance at a fire on Oxton Road in Birkenhead.

Crews were alerted at 8.24pm and on scene at 8.31pm. Four fire engines and the combined platform ladder are in attendance.

On arrival crews found a large fire in the rear yard of a motorcycle garage. The fire has spread to the building.

Firefighters used an angle grinder to gain access to the building. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are entering the property.

Please avoid the area.

Nearby residents and businesses should keep windows and doors closed.

The incident is ongoing.


The fire has been sectorised. Six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are fighting the fire internally using main hose reel jets.

Cordons have been put in place around the site and Oxton Road has been closed for safety.

It is believed a fire on the ground floor of the building has been brought under control. Crews are also locating a fire believed to be on the first floor.

UPDATE 10.39pm

Eight fire engines are now in attendance as well as the combined platform ladder. The incident command unit has also been requested.

UPDATE 10.56pm

Firefighters have tackled a fire in the workshop of the property and are currently engaged in extinguishing and locating further fires in a complex building.

Crews are working tirelessly to limit the impact of the fire on the remainder of the building and contents.

Oxton Road is expected to remain closed for the next few hours while firefighters continue their operations.

UPDATE 12.22am

The incident has now been scaled down with four fire engines remaining in attendance.

Crews are removing steel wire mesh from inside the roof to allow them to damp down the roof joists.

Firefighters are using thermal imaging cameras to monitor the building.


Firefighters remained on scene throughout the night, with the final crew leaving at 6.20am

An investigation into the cause of the fire will be carried out in due course.

UPDATE 7.47am

Incident Commander, Group Manager Tony Brown, said: "Crews responded quickly to this incident and discovered a large fire, confined mainly to the workshop of a well known Birkenhead motorcycle business. Crews tackled the fire internally and also externally, using our aerial appliance to cut away at the roof and prevent further fire spread.

"Our firefighters worked tirelessly in dealing with this incident in what can only be described as an extremely complex building. Thankfully, we were able to contain the fire mostly to the workshop area of the business, meaning that the large majority of the new and vintage motorcycles inside have remained unscathed.

"The business has been part of the Birkenhead community for a very long time and we are extremely pleased that we have been able to minimise the impact as much as possible.

"I'd also like to praise our fire control operators as they received a large number of calls in relation to this incident and to our emergency service colleagues who assisted in ensuring this incident came to a successful end."