Fire at property, Greasby


Location: Greasby

Firefighters attended an incident at Sycamore Rise, Greasby, on Wednesday, 29th July.

Crews were alerted at 5:28pm and on scene at 5:34pm. Six fire engines attended.

On arrival to the detached bungalow, firefighters found the roof space was well alight. 2 Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used 2 high pressure hose reels inside the property, with 1 main branch fighting the fire externally.

The incident was sectorised and firefighters continued to fight fire externally, utilising 2 high pressure hose reel jets. The main fire was brought under control and crews continued to dampen down roof area and check for further fire spread using monitoring equipment.  

The fire is believed to have started accidentally from a discarded cigarette, allowing flames to enter roof space.

Crews left the scene at 8:39pm.