Building Fire, Knowsley Industrial Park, Kirkby


Location: Knowsley Industrial Park, Kirkby

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is in attendance at an incident at Knowsley Rail Transfer Station, Knowsley Industrial Park, Kirkby.

Crews were alerted at 2.58am and five fire engines were on scene shortly after.

On arrival, crews found a fire measuring around 10m by 10m containing in a warehouse. Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus started fighting the fire using two main branch hoses.

Crews checked the surrounding area and confirmed there was no fire spread.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus have been rotating throughout the morning, but four have been consistently fighting the fire using two main branches.

Currently the main body of fire has been suppressed and diggers are being utilised to separate the flammable material involved in fire. Two firefighters in breathing apparatus are now fighting the fire using a main branch hose.

The incident is ongoing so please avoid the area.

Update - 10.40am

The location of the incident has been confirmed as Knowsley Rail Transfer Station.

At 9.31am the incident was scaled down to three fire engines and the fire was extinguished. Firefighters ceased using breathing apparatus and continued to dampen down the area.  

Crews continued to monitor temperature until there was no sign of heat, before leaving the scene at 10.17am.