Large Scrapyard Fire, Kirkdale


Location: Kirkdale

Fire crews have been called to a large fire at a scrapyard on Bank Hall Street, off Derby Road in Kirkdale this evening. Crews were alerted at 10.30pm and on scene at 10.33pm.

Seven fire engines and an aerial appliance are in attendance.

Crews arrived to find a large amount of scrap fully involved in fire. Merseyside Police have been requested to assist with road closures, please avoid the area.

Residents and businesses nearby should close windows and doors. If you have an existing medical condition, keep medicine close and if any ill effects are experienced dial NHS 111 for advice.

The incident is ongoing and is likely to continue for a significant period of time.  

INCIDENT UPDATE 00.05am Sunday 26 September

This is a large scrap fire approximately 50 x 50 metres in area with a height of 7 metres. The fire has spread to a nearby building. A High Volume Pump is being set up to draw water supplies from the docks for firefighting. The incident has been sectorised, with main jets and ground monitors in use.

There are now 14 fire engines and 2 aerial appliances in attendance. Please avoid the area.

INCIDENT UPDATE 1.55am Sunday 26 September

There are now 15 fire engines and 3 aerial appliances on scene fighting this significant fire. Onlookers should not approach the fire, please return to a place of safety indoors with doors and windows shut. There is still a large smoke plume generated by this fire, avoid the area for your own safety.

Continue to observe safety advice given earlier and if any ill effects are experienced dial NHS 111 for advice. Dealing with the incident is likely to be a protracted and lengthy process which discussed which will continue throughout the night.

INCIDENT UPDATE 7.45am Sunday 26 September

Firefighting has continued throughout the night in what has been a challenging incident. Firefighters have been dealing with two main seats of fire, with one around 50 x 20 metres in one area and another involving around 150 scrap cars. Fire had also spread to the main building of the scrapyard. A multi agency meeting took place at 1.30am which discussed firefighting tactics, risks at the site, water supplies, firefighter welfare and the minimisation of any environmental issues from water run-off. High Volume Pumps were in use throughout the night to ensure effective water supplies.

At 3.00am and 4.30am further multi agency meetings took place which developed a containment strategy involving site operators using plant machinery to spread out waste to enable firefighters to access and extinguish in limited space.

Specialist equipment and ground monitors are in use at the site this morning as the fire continues. There are still significant smoke plumes in the area and the air quality is poor. Please avoid the area. Local residents should continue to keep doors and windows closed and stay inside if possible. Keep medication for existing conditions close and if any ill effects are experienced dial NHS 111 for advice. 

The incident is ongoing, more updates to follow.

INCIDENT UPDATE 11.30am Sunday 26 September

Firefighting continues at the scene, including the use of a specialist 'stinger' fire appliance which features a hydraulically powered spike on an articulated boom which can drive through debris and spray water into compartments involved in fire. In a reciprocal agreement, Fire & Rescue colleagues from across the North West are operating with MFRS to support us with resources to tackle this large fire. Thanks to Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service. 

Kirkdale Scrapyard fire 25 Sep 2021 pic 1

Kirkdale Scrapyard Fire 25 Sep 2021 Pic 2

There is still a large amount of smoke and poor air quality in the area, please avoid the area and local residents should continue to keep doors and windows shut - the incident is ongoing. More information to follow.

INCIDENT UPDATE 4.00pm Sunday 26 September 

The incident is ongoing with the tactical plan continuing to be to break up the scrap involved in the fire so it can be fully extinguished. Air quality remains poor so residents should continue to heed earlier advice to keep doors and windows shut. The incident is likely to continue for a considerable amount of time. More updates to follow as the situation changes. 

INCIDENT UPDATE 10.00pm Sunday 26 September

The incident continues, with 9 fire engines and three aerial appliances still on scene fighting the fire. Firefighting tactics remain constant in arduous conditions. Firefighting will continue until the fire is fully extinguished. 

INCIDENT UPDATE 12.45pm Monday 27 September

Damping down activities continued with the CPL into the early hours of Monday morning with sectors no longer in use. Incident was scaled down to two fire engines, one aerial appliance and a high volume pump.

Shortly after 4.00am a final fire ground inspection was completed. All firefighting activities ceased and fire extinguished.

Thanks to Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service for supporting our response.
Fire crews left the scene at 4.22am this morning.