Pipe breach, Sandon Dock, Regent Road, Liverpool


Location: Liverpool

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service are in attendance after a pipework breach at Sandon Dock waste water treatment works, Regent Road, Sandhills, Liverpool.

2 fire engines are in attendance. Crews were alerted at 12.46pm and on scene at 12.53pm.

Fire crews are working with staff on site to contain materials coming from a broken pipe and monitor natural gas levels. The area has been evacuated for a 250-metre radius as there are concerns over a build-up of gas.

Merseyside Police have been requested to assist in managing road closures. Please avoid the area. More information to follow.


There are now 4 fire engines in attendance and the Incident Command Unit (ICU). 6 firefighters in 3 teams of 2 wearing breathing apparatus and full protective gear are entering the area of the incident.

Firefighters are monitoring gas levels with specialist equipment and are isolating safety valves.

Cordons of 250 metres and road closures remain in place. The site and nearby vessels have been fully evacuated as a precaution. The incident is ongoing.


Firefighters have made good progress and the incident is now beginning to be scaled down. There are now two fire engines in attendance.

A multi-agency meeting has taken place and site staff have worked to resolve the incident with the support of the Fire & Rescue Service.

Merseyside Police remain in attendance and cordons are still in place. North West ambulance teams attending as a precaution have now left the incident.