Scrapyard fire in Kirkdale


Location: Regent Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool

Fire at scrapyard

Firefighters are currently in attendance at a fire at a scrapyard on Regent Road, Kirkdale.

Crews were alerted at 3.35pm and on scene at 3.41pm. Five fire engines and an aerial appliance are currently in attendance.

On arrival crews found a large fire involving approx 100 tonnes of product.

The incident has been sectorised. Crews are using a main jet, two ground monitors and water from the aerial appliance to tackle the fire.

There is a large quantity of smoke in the area and nearby residents are advised to keep windows and doors closed. Anyone with existing medical conditions should keep medicines nearby and call NHS 111 if ill effects occur. 

The incident is ongoing.

UPDATE: 4.50pm

Firefighting continues on site.

The fire involves approx 100 tonnes of waste metal product, approx 20m by 10m by 6m in size.

The aerial appliance, four ground monitors and one CAFS (compressed air foam system) branch are in use. A main jet is also being used to support an on-site excavator operator to create a fire break.

As stated above, nearby residents are urged to keep windows and doors closed.

The incident is ongoing.

UPDATE: 5.15pm

Firefighting continues.

We now have eight engines on scene as well as the aerial appliance and a high volume pump.

Merseyside Police are now also in attendance at the incident. There are road closures in place on Regent Road and Derby Road.

There are not currently thought to be any casualties or injuries in relation to this incident.

As stated above, nearby residents are urged to keep windows and doors closed due to the large amount of smoke issuing from the fire.

UPDATE: 6.45pm

Crews now have the fire under control though firefighting continues.

MFRS are likely to retain a presence on scene into the night.