Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority is the Petroleum Licensing Authority for Merseyside. All sites that store and dispense petrol into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine require a licence; this includes sites whether petroleum is for sale or not.

All licences have conditions attached which the petroleum retailer must not contravene. Licences are renewed annually and payment must be received prior to the renewal date. Should a licensee wish to transfer the licence then an application to transfer form must be completed and forwarded to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority at least 28 days before transfer.

To apply for a Petroleum Certificate or discuss your existing arrangements please contact

For enquiries relating to the safe management of a petrol filling station or general enquiries for the storage of petrol please contact

For information on Petroleum and Petroleum Licences please refer to The Red Guide: (link is a PDF document hosted on CFOA)