Fire Marshal Training Open Courses - 2024

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with an understanding of fire safety and the practical skills needed in the event of a fire, specifically looking at the role and duties of a Fire Marshal.

Delegates will receive training about fire legislation, fire behaviour, and fire classifications and receive instruction on correct fire procedures and safe evacuation routines.

Looking at how to prevent fires from breaking out and ensuring the safety of others in the event of a fire occurring.

This course also includes live fire extinguisher training. Delegates are taught the correct fire extinguisher handling and operating practices and can experience the use of different fire extinguishers, as well as a fire blanket on real fire.

We ensure delegates have sufficient knowledge and understanding to act confidently and effectively in a fire emergency situation in order to carry out their required duties.

Delegates will be assessed through Q&A, observation of practical assessment
extinguishing a real fire and written final assessment.

Learning outcomes


  • Explain and understand Fire Legislation
  • Understand the chemistry and threat of fire
  • Explain the common causes of fire
  • Identify fire behaviour
  • Understand fire prevention
  • Examine what actions to take on discovering a fire
  • Explain the classifications of fire
  • Understand safety features within buildings
  • Identify human behaviour in fire situations
  • Understand the fire marshal role in the event of a fire
  • Demonstrate fire extinguisher capabilities and limitations
  • Demonstrate safe evacuation and fire assembly
  • Identify fire extinguisher types using the colour coding system
  • Demonstrate application of fire extinguishing media


  • Demonstrate fire action routines
  • Demonstrate the application of water & CO2 extinguishers on real fires
  • Demonstrate the application of foam extinguisher
  • Demonstrate how to use a fire blanket

Dates Set for 2024 (open courses only):

  • Friday 12th January 2024 
  • Monday 29th January 2024
  • Monday 26th February 2024 
  • Monday 25th March 2024 
  • Tuesday 26th March 2024 
  • Monday 20th May 2024 
  • Friday 31st May 2024 
  • Tuesday 18th June 2024 
  • Monday 1st July 2024 
  • Thursday 1st August 2024 
  • Friday 30th August 2024 
  • Monday 23rd September 2024 
  • Friday 1st November 2024 
  • Monday 2nd December 2024 
  • Friday 13th December 2024 

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