Summer Grass Fires

During periods of hot and dry weather, the risk of fires in public areas increase.

Some fires are accidental but unfortunately, most are anti-social behaviour fires that are deliberately started.

Deliberately starting fires on public grassland, parks and open spaces is arson and can kill wildlife and cause widespread damage.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is asking people who choose to enjoy the countryside and open spaces to follow some simple advice to keep the areas safe from fire.

  • Take rubbish home
  • Use BBQs in safe and dedicated areas
  • Don’t drop cigarettes
  • Don’t leave bottles on the ground
  • Report grass fires immediately by calling 999, giving as much detail as possible including the nearest main road

If you have responsibility for a park or open space, please follow this advice to help us prevent and reduce fires:

  • Paths can be used as natural fire breaks, keep them well maintained and trimmed back
  • Regularly check and maintain open water supplies for firefighting
  • Ensure any damage to walls or perimeter fences are repaired
  • Consider locking access gates out of hours
  • Rubbish and recycling bins should be stored on solid ground and emptied regularly
  • Grass and tree cuttings should be removed from the site as soon as possible