Lifts and Essential Firefighting Equipment Reporting

Regulation 7 of the Regulations requires Responsible Persons of high-rise residential premises to undertake monthly routine checks of lifts for use by firefighters, evacuation lifts and essential firefighting equipment. Essential firefighting equipment is defined as any of the following located within the common parts of the building only: 

A. Inlets and outlets for dry-rising mains

B. Inlets and outlets for wet-rising mains 

C. Smoke control systems

D. Suppression systems

E. Fire detection and fire alarm systems including any detectors linked to ancillary equipment such as smoke control systems

F. Evacuation Alert Systems

G. Automatic door release mechanisms linked to fire alarm systems 

Where a fault is identified and cannot be rectified within a 24-hour period from the time the fault was identified, the responsible Person must, as soon as reasonably practicable: 

A. Report the fault to the local fire and rescue service by electronic means 

B. Report the rectification of the fault to the local fire and rescue service by electronic means 

To fulfil your duties please use the links below. 

If you have a fault that needs reporting, you must consider whether the buildings fire risk assessment requires updating and act accordingly to ensure that you are meeting your responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. 
This form only needs to be completed if both of the following criteria apply:
  • The building is 18m or more (7 storeys or more).
  • The fault cannot be rectified within 24 hours.
Please remember, it is your duty to inform us when the fault you are reporting has been rectified.  

Click below for the CFRMIS Fault Reporting submission form