Reducing Arson At Home

Wheelie bin? Take it in!

Wheelie bins can be a fire hazard, not only from carelessly discarded items such as smoking materials, but they are also a very real target for arsonists.

Fires involving wheelie bins can easily spread to your home, putting everyone inside at risk.

Keep your bins safe, secure and if possible, away from doors and windows.

When it’s not collection day, put your bin away.​


Rubbish is a ready source of fuel for an arsonist, so fires involving rubbish can quickly spread to nearby homes and buildings putting lives at risk.

  • Never store rubbish, or anything that can catch alight, in corridors, stair wells, near escape routes or near to your property
  • Keep communal bin stores secure and well lit
  • Don’t overload skips and get them removed when full
  • See our Fly Tipping page for more

Security measures

One of the best ways to prevent arson is making sure your property is secure, including any derelict buildings. Do this by:

  • Keeping entry points to buildings secure, including sheds or garages, perimeter walls, fencing and gates
  • Boarding up and securing unused or derelict buildings
  • Preventing intruders and trespassing by making sure perimeters and buildings are well maintained and any damage is repaired as soon as possible
  • Considering installing security systems such as CCTV, alarms and security lighting
  • Keeping any flammable substances stored safely and securely, not left in the open