Design and Materials in External Wall

Regulation 5 of the Regulations places a responsibility on the Responsible Person to prepare a record of the design of the external walls of the building, including details of the materials from which they are constructed. Under Regulation 11, the Responsible Person must provide electronic copies to the fire and rescue service. 

This must include the level of risk identified in the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) required under Article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that the design and materials of the external walls give rise to and any mitigating steps that have been taken. 

In the event that the Responsible Person does not have all the information required, the information known should be provided whilst the FRA is updated to include an appropriate assessment of the external walls. Once this has been completed, the Responsible Person must provide updated information. For more information please see the Fire Safety Act 2021. 

Secure Information Box 

In addition to the electronic copies, a brief summary of any significant findings of the fire risk assessment which may impact on: 

  • Fire spread 
  • Firefighting 
  • The stay put evacuation strategy and/or 
  • Means of escape which includes an external wall that may facilitate fire spread.  

Where appropriate these concerns may be marked on a plan e.g. External wall system only on Floors 8-12. 

The Responsible Person must prepare a revised record if there are any significant changes to the external walls of the building. 

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