How are we making MFRS an Inclusive workplace for all staff & volunteers?

MFRA is committed to make MFRS a workplace where its staff can feel valued for their difference, treated fairly and included.

We do this in a number of ways:

Policies such as our ED&I and People-related policies

This helps everyone access services that will support them during their working life with MFRS in a fair and equitable way that meets the needs of people with Protected Characteristics.

ED&I Objectives

Our five ED&I Objectives help us ensure that MFRA continues to focus on equality, diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and whilst delivering services to our communities. This also helps us to meet the public Sector Equality Duty, which requires all Public Bodies to develop at least one ED&I objective every four years.

ED&I Actions

These form part of our Service Delivery Plan and help us to deliver projects and tasks that support the delivery of our five ED&I Objectives.

Staff Diversity Monitoring

The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) requires Public Bodies to publish equality information about the makeup of its workforce on an annual basis.  Each year MFRA publish this information in our Equality Analysis of Workforce Data report.  This report includes the following equality analysis which covers Age, Gender, Disability, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation and Religion/Belief where available for the following:

  • Staff in post
  • Leavers and New Starters
  • Discipline, Grievance cases and Employment Tribunals
  • Career Breaks and Flexible Working Requests
  • Gender pay gap
  • Data from Fire Cadets and Prince's Trust participants

Positive Action

Through Positive Action we make people from under-represented groups aware of employment opportunities within the Authority, i.e. Females; Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME); and LGBT communities.  Practical support may also be provided to applicants from under-represented groups.  This is to ensure that our workforce reflects the diverse community of Merseyside.

Staff engagement survey

MFRA want to hear what our employees' experiences are of working at MFRS and to celebrate what we do well and develop further in areas that would benefit from improvement.

Equality Impact Assessments

The Public Sector Equality Duty requires us to demonstrate how we are positively promoting inclusion and good relations. It is important to consider how our policies, processes , guidance, plans and projects are developed in order to provide positive equality outcomes. We do this by producing an Equality Impact Assessment.

ED&I Training & Management Support 

All staff receive our ED&I Essentials training to help them understand how to take account of ED&I as they carry out their work and how it affects them as employees.