Electrical Fire Safety

More than 28,000 house fires are reported in year as being caused by electrical faults, accidents or misuse.

  • DON'T overload plug sockets as too many items can draw power from the one socket and can overheat - one plug, one socket.
  • CHECK cables to make sure they are not frayed or damaged and look for any scorch marks around sockets or plugs.
  • DISCARD any worn or faulty items or appliances. If in doubt, get them checked by a qualified electrician.
  • TURN OFF electrical items overnight that are not designed to be left on.
  • NEVER leave appliances like washing machines, dishwashers or tumble dryers on whilst out of the house or overnight. Electric blankets should only be used to warm the bed and not left on whilst sleeping.
  • AVOID charging items like laptops, mobile phones or tablets overnight.
  • BUY your electrical chargers from a reputable source.
  • DO NOT use foreign appliances in UK sockets if they have not been converted for UK use.
  • CHECK for the safety mark when buying electrical appliances.
  • REGISTER your electrical appliances so that manufacturer's can contact you about any repairs or recalls.
  • ALWAYS check that you are using the right fuse to prevent overloading 
  • NEVER use water on an electrical fire. Pull the plug or switch off the power if it is safe to do so. GET OUT, STAY OUT AND CALL 999.

Check if your sockets are overloaded using Electrical Fire Safety's socket calculator. 

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For more safety information visit https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk